chatham st. house bathroom design | via: chatham st. house

We're still a long ways off from our bathroom reno, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of what the space will one day look like. Right now it's a pretty standard out-of-the-box design, slapped inside a 1920s house. My plan is to resurrect some of the original character of the home in the design, with vintage inspired features and accents. 

The crowning jewel will be the clawfoot tub, and everything else in the room will take it's cues from this element. Layer in creamy subway tile, a delicately patterned floor, and you're on your way to bathroom gold. I'm still vacillating between white and black grout, but luckily I have time to decide on all that.

Next to the tub, the sink is probably the next most important thing to decide on. Recently console sinks have caught my eye, and I think the right style will complement the tub perfectly. They feel really timeless and the extra space under the sink will be a perfect spot to put a basket full of towels or extra amenities for guests.

And because no room in my house will be without a healthy dose of color - I'm thinking a lush floral wallpaper will set off the creamy whites in the room beautifully. I love the eclectic feel of this mood board and hope that when the time comes we can accomplish something close to this vision. -b.

image sources: inspiration - here | border tile | subway tile | floor tile | wallpaper | sink | basket | soap dispenser


kicking caffeine | warm lemon water trick | via: chatham st. house

Raise your hand if you've ever tried quitting caffeine? I think once or twice a year I contemplate the notion, but I've never been able to see it completely through. That is until recently. A couple weeks back I got really sick (like insides on the outside sick). Suddenly coffee didn't seem very appealing...

I decided to take this opportunity as a sign I should kick the caffeine habit. I haven't had coffee in a little over 2 weeks, but I do have a cup of caffeinated tea a day, because weaning yourself off of coffee is not for the faint of heart. I swear I went through drug-level withdrawal! There's an article about it in fact. 

Each day I try to wait a little later in the day to have that cup of tea, making it when my headache is at its peak. At this point I'm good until about 4pm. Now I'm also trying not to finish the whole cup, getting about half way through before I throw the rest out. 

I am not a health coach, and I don't pretend to be an expert in anything, but I think this is actually working. One thing that has really helped me is drinking a cup of warm lemon water each morning. I think part of the "habit" for me was wanting a warm cup of anything in my hand when I wake up. For more on the health benefits of drinking lemon water, read this article. I use half a lemon and squeeze it into warm, not boiling, water each morning - right after I feed Nellie of course.

One Google search will tell you there's a lot of contradicting research out there on the benefits or risks of drinking caffeine. I don't want to sway you one way or another, but I'm always striving to be more natural, and less dependent on just about anything.

Any tricks out there from the other non-caffeine drinkers? Tell me on Instagram - b.


living room design plan | via: chatham st. house

Next to the Kitchen, the Living Room is our most used space in the house. It's where I type my blog posts, binge watch Masterpiece Theater on PBS, and often do my crafting. It is also the space that needs the most immediate work. We barely have a place to sit, let alone entertain our friends and guests.

We have big plans to add built-ins to the TV wall for all our books and records, and a butler's pantry by the steps to the basement to serve as auxiliary kitchen storage. We need a new rug, a couch, accent chairs, and truthfully decor. To say the to-do list is a mile long would be an understatement. Add to this an ackward layout, and new flooring throughout, and you'll find me close to a panic attack. Deep breaths.

All this to say, we have a lot to-do and it makes the dreaming stage even more important to me.

Something I thought about extensively when we decided to swap the Dining Room and Living Room spaces in the layout, was color. The room only has 1 window and is darker than most spaces throughout the house. I did a lot of reading (thank you Abigail Ahern and Emily Henderson) and decided to not fight the darkness, but embrace it. We're going to paint a really saturated blue on the walls and by Ryan's request keep the ceiling and woodwork a warm ivory. 

This should make the room feel cozy and inviting whether we're settling in for a night alone or hosting friends and family. I'm crossing my fingers we can make the built-ins happen sooner rather than later, because currently all our books are in boxes on the floor. - b.

image sources: inspiration - here | rug | ceiling light | floor lamp | hope philodendron | sofa | orange pillow | polka dot velvet pillow | paint color - inchyra blue from farrow & ball