about bekuh b. of chatham st. house

I'm Bekuh Browning, a Philadelphia based artist + digital marketer

I live life in a jack & jill kind of duo with my husband Ryan, and our adopted pup Nellie. Originally hailing from Virginia, we packed our bags and headed north in early 2013 to pursue big city dreams in Philadelphia. So far, so good.


Most days you'll find me:

Renovating a 1920s brick row home in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. Making art in between too much work & a little play. Snuggling with my husband to keep the electric bill low (or so we say). Playing with Nellie, aka teasing her endlessly. Drinking coffee with every meal. Traveling without an agenda every chance I get. Eating stinky cheese. Learning to be more patient with life. 


In five years I hope you'll find me:

Relaxing in our almost-renovated row home. Filling a passport with stamps from adventures. Kissing my husband endlessly. How I’ll get there? Your guess is as good as mine, but I promise to document the journey if you’ll join me: bloglovin | instagram | pinterest |  email



For portfolio inquiries, sponsored content, guest blogging opportunities, or questions email me at bekuh.browning[at]gmail[dot]com