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I can't believe it's been over a month since launching the new site! I've been overwhelmed by the response, and can't thank you enough for all the love and support on this new venture. Starting bekuh b. was the perfect breath of fresh air, and that's why I hope all of you will continue with me on this refreshing blogging journey. So, what do you say, will you follow me?


When I'm not blogging (or creating) I'm out in the world living life just like you. IG is where I capture the little moments that all too often get forgotten in the hustle bustle. It's like a diary in tiny square pictures. Follow me.


My inspiration getaway, where I pin and share all the imagery I'm obsessing over on the internet. It's an extension of my art journal, the place where aspire to more in life, and where I dream about how to make it happen. I'm having a serious love affair with this channel right now. Follow me.

(ps- don't forget to pin the bekuh b. posts you love the most!)


Twitter is like a sneak peek of my internet history; a feed of everything I'm reading, eyeing, consuming, and living vicariously through. It's my daily newsletter to all of you and a way to keep up with the things I'm interested in, without the commitment to dig too deep, after all it's only 140 characters. Follow me.


The last, but maybe most important way to follow what I'm doing? Connect with me on the rss level. Stay on top of the latest posts from bekuh b. and all the other blogs you love all in one place. It's as easy as that. Follow me

No Facebook you ask? I made the decision to only focus on the channels I enjoy posting to the most, and find myself frequenting the most often. Stick to what you know and love, at least when it comes to social. -b