nyhavn, copenhagen | via: brkuh b.

It feels like a million years ago that Ryan and I boarded a jet bound for Copenhagen, Denmark but at last I am ready to share our adventures with you, a little bit at a time. Writing down everything that we saw, did and experienced is definitely the hardest part so bear with me as I ramble through my newest favorite city on earth. 

We started our trip like any good tourist, with lots and lots of sightseeing. An easy thing to do in Copenhagen as there are SO many sights to see. The weather was a mixed bag of perfectly pleasant and torrential downpour which made planning our excursions in the city as challenging as they were fun. We downloaded this amazing app by Triposo that made it easy to create tailored walking routes, ensuring we maximized our time in each section of the city. If you're planning a trip to Denmark I highly recommend doing this, and no they're not paying me to say so.

Here are some highlights:

little mermaid, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
nyhavn, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
carlsberg glypotek, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
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statues of copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
copenhagen, denmark | via: bekuh b.

The main attractions we hit during those first few days included: Indre ByNyhavn, Kastellet, the Little Mermaid Statue, the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek Museum, a Canal Tour, the Church of Our Savior, and the Ründetaarn. I'll talk more about how we did all this on a small budget in an upcoming post (stay tuned).

Though it was amazing to see so many of the sights throughout the city there were two that definitely stood out for both of us: Climbing the giant, spiraling tower of the Church of Our Savior during our first hours in the city and seeing all of the neighborhoods that surround Copenhagen (pictured above). As well as walking up the gentle slope of the Ründetaarn and looking out of the observation deck of the oldest european astronomical conservatory. A mouth-full that was well worth it. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures from this excursion, except on Instagram here

largest scandinavian church dome, copenhagen | via: brkuh b.

Our senses were overloaded with pastel colored houses around every corner, sweet natured Danes who thought we were locals, bicycles filling every square inch of street and sidewalk, and most of all a beautiful city that was only beginning to show us its truly wonderful nature. Next week I'll share a little bit about the area we stayed in, and the food & drink we consumed in obscene quantities. - b.