christianhavn neighborhood bikes, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.

Christianhavn became our home away from home while in Copenhagen. The idyllic streets, lined with ancient buildings, surrounded picturesque canals reminiscent of Amsterdam, the exact city they were modeled after. The neighborhood was once the warehouse district for the city and home to the Royal Navy, but nowadays it's a sought after place to live for people from all walks of life. I was immediately taken with the place and started imagining my ex-pat life there, painting cityscapes for tourists and buying fresh flowers from the market each Saturday. While on vacation one must dream.

We stayed in a charming Scandinavian apartment filled with modern furniture, books and art. The owner, Gitte, is an art teacher and her perfect apartment suited us to a tee. We stayed for 8 wonderful days and it served as the perfect jumping off point for all the city had to offer. You can book her apartment for your Copenhagen stay on Airbnb, you won't regret it.

Here's a bit more on the Christianhavn neighborhood:

christianhavn canal, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
christianhavn bikes, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
christianhavn neighborhood, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.
christianhavn, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.

Christianhavn was literally born from the sea in the 17th century when King Christian IV wanted to build a canal island after a trip to Amsterdam. Part of its creation was to also increase the fortification of the city something it successfully did for many years. Now abandoned, the southern fortifications have become a lush green park called the Chritianhavn Volt. Ryan and I spent most evenings wandering the walking paths of the Volt, its entrance just steps away from our apartment. We loved watching the swans traverse the waterways and the swaying branches of the bloom heavy trees. The only thing keeping this location from absolute perfection was the lack of one key feature, our pup Nellie. She would have loved every second as much as we did. - b.

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christianhavn, copenhagen | via: bekuh b.