oceanside dreaming | photo by francesca tp | image via: bekuh b.
a quintessential summertime feast | photo by april and may | image via: bekuh b.
photo by a daily something | image via: bekuh b.
cloud wall mural from easy | image via: bekuh b.
vogue france, september 1998 | photo by enrique badulescu
“The Blue Hour they sometimes  call it, l'heure bleue - the ribbon  of darkness between the false dawn  and the true, always blacker than  all the rest of the night has been  before it.”  - Cornell Woolrich | via: bekuh b.
madewell denim midi skir, fall 2015 | image via: bekuh b.

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There is great sadness in life, and moments of blueness so consuming you can scarcely breathe. My dear family is experiencing this first hand. I do not yet have words for this grief and so instead I leave you today with the color blue.

Some images are kindred spirits, they relate and respond to one another in a way similar to how body language communicates between two people. It’s chemical, mineral, visual. It’s couplings. - b.