dutch masters- little flower school | via: bekuh b.
anna potter's home | via: bekuh b.
exotic botanics | via: bekuh b.
autumn inspired bouquet- sarah ryhanen | via: bekuh b.
peonies- sarah ryhanen | via: bekuh b.
in bloom | via: bekuh b.
little flower school- nicole franzen | via: bekuh b.

My recent artistic endeavors are a collage created from several other paintings, which means for every painting I complete at least three “quick” paintings are required to assemble it. Did I just confuse you? Basically I create collages made entirely of original paintings by yours truly. Why? Because I love arranging flowers, and I love creating art and by combining these two things (twice over I might add) I’m sending a piece of my my heart out into the world to be looked at and hopefully admired by others. I'll share more on what the final images looked like soon (promise).

But I digress; you’re reading this because there are about 8 stunning photos of bouquets above this paragraph. When I’m creating the “quick” paintings that form the base of my final collage I draw inspiration from the endless wealth of floral still lives shared across the internet. From the flowers used to the backgrounds and colors, the expertise and artistry of the thousands of floral designers working across the globe astounds me. It must be shared. So here’s more about the photos you see above, and please click through and marvel at the other works by these great artists. - b.

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