diy lavender & chamomile sachets | via: bekuh b.

Who doesn't love the smell of laundry fresh-off-the-line? Its delicate floral scent is like aromatherapy for the soul. Unfortunately air drying is not always an option and until recently I thought capturing that illusive summer scent near impossible. That is until I took matters into my own hands and decided to recreate that line-dried scent using a handful of dried herbs and a household staple- rice. 

Fresh herbs and spices have been used to ward off bugs and freshen linens for centuries. Though we have lots of sprays and soaps to use nowadays, I still enjoy combining a few natural ingredients to organically remove unwelcome smells in dusty drawers or open baskets. Not to mention they're incredibly easy to make, I'll show you...

diy lavender & chamomile sachets | via: bekuh b.

Supply List (makes 4 sachets)

1 | Dried Lavender- The natural home's workhorse. This dried herb finds its way into almost everything and naturally wards off unwanted pests. Home grown would be even more incredible, maybe next year! 1/4 cup

2 | Dried Chamomile- An herb that smells like sunshine. Its warm floral scent and natural soothing qualities are a personal fav. 1/4 cup

3 | Dried Rosemary- I snuck an extra herb in the mix! I love the earthy quality that rosemary adds and it's also a pest preventer (no moths please). I snipped some from our garden, but you can use some from your spice cupboard. 1/8 cup 

4 | Rice- An type will do, but since we're going all natural perhaps look for an organic bag the next time you're shopping? 1/4 cup

5 | Scrap fabric, Needle & Thread - I quickly whipped up a few sachet bags, but you can buy them too!

diy lavender & chamomile sachets | via: bekuh b.

The next steps are so easy I almost feel bad calling this a DIY! Simply mix together your dry ingredients and assemble. I found the easiest way to get the mix into the pouch was to do it by hand. Once you've filled the sachet, close the pouch and getting ready for heavenly smelling dresser drawers. It's that easy.

You may notice the scent fading after a couple of weeks- grab the sachet and rub it in your hand for 30 seconds to release more scent, you can do this 2-3 times before you need to remake. The reusable bags make it easy to create a new batch. big kiss, bekuh

I find this method just as effective as using Febreeze, or other sprays to freshen clothes. It's also a much milder scent, and environmentally friendly!