dream of spring bouquet | via: bekuh b.

We're just now approaching the middle of winter, but I'm already dreaming of spring. Though I can't quite pull out the sandals yet, I can fill our home with the smell and look of spring thanks to early blooming flowers, mainly flowering bulbs. 

Flowers bring such warmth and light to my life, and their presence in our home helps keep the coldness of winter at bay. One of my favorite early bloomers are tulips. From my earliest days these flowers have been a favorite because of their saturated colors, delicate build, and sweet scent. They are the perfect feminine embodiment of the coming (eventually) season.

"your gaze grew flowers in the darkest parts of my heart” -pavana | via bekuh b.

The pink, dusty mauve, and white blooms only further the illusion of spring for me and add a bit of Parisian flair to our tiny north Philadelphia row home.  

In other news, I'll be making a lot more of these arrangements very soon. My friend Maddie is hosting a bra making workshop this weekend and guess who's providing the floral decor? -b.