Greens grow Summer CSA | Farm Fresh in the City | via: bekuh b.

Once upon a time we lived in a place where farmland was plentiful and the sun seemed to always shine. Organic produce seemed to grow everywhere- It was the land of milk & honey. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but we did live in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia where finding locally grown produce was a lot easier than in Philly. It's sad to think that what comes naturally to people of one region could be seen as a granola-loving hipster ideal to another. 

Now that we live in the (big bad) city it seems the only place to get really good organic vegetables is Whole Foods. No offense to the holier-than-thou natural foods chain, but that sucks! So this summer we decided to try a CSA share with a pick-up within easy walking distance of our house. We love you Greensgrow

Also know as Community Supported Agriculture, the idea is that you pay for a season's worth of produce up front so that the farmers producing your food can cover the expensive start-up costs of the season. It helps them stay profitable throughout the year and gives you access to organic produce that's grown within an hour-or-so of your house.

Here's a sampling of dishes we've prepared from our share:

summer CSA shakshuka | via: bekuh b.
summer CSA carrot & ricotta tartine | via: bekuh b.
summer CSA meals | via: bekuh b.
sumer CSA fried rice | image via: bekuh b.

The downside is you typically have to pay for the entire CSA share up front- ouch. We did a half-share this year, which means we pick-up every other week, but we're looking forward to upping to a full-share next year! Once the produce starts flowing in the dent in your bank account starts to feel less painful, not to mention our grocery bills are almost non-existent. 

A sample summer share:

  1. 4x Tomatoes
  2. 4x Mini Eggplant
  3. 4x Ears of Corn
  4. Large bunch of Kale
  5. Large bunch of Celery
  6. 3 lbs. purple potatoes
  7. 6 Cubanelle Peppers

What do you think- Would you ever consider buying into a CSA share? I'd love to hear your thoughts- follow me on Instagram (@bekuhb) and start the conversation. - b.