pink mums and garden roses | via: bekuh b.

It's been four weeks of flower gorgeousness at my house, but sadly this is my last flower homework post. For our final homework assignment in Flower Arranging 101 we were tasked with creating a bridal bouquet and boutonniere. When I think bridal bouquet I think large luscious roses, delicate sprays and airy greens- what was available to me however was not quite the stuff of dreams. 

mum + garden rose bridal bouquet | via: bekuh b.
white + green rose boutonnière | via: bekuh b.
bridal bouquet | via: bekuh b.
wild bunch | via: bekuh b.

I did my best with pink fluffy mums, white and green spray roses, wildflowers, and seeded eucalyptus and the results surprised me. Though not as full as perhaps I'd hoped the final bouquet felt lush, organic, and feminine. Something I would have carried at my own wedding. For the boutonniere I paired the spray roses with the wildflowers and seeded eucalyptus to subtly nod to the bridal bouquet without all the girly-ness.

I'm proud of these final projects and think they showcase perfectly how much I've learned in this class. I look forward to using these newly acquired skills for years to come. Our Thanksgiving centerpiece will be a sight to see. - b.

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