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I think we may have found our new rental! After a tedious search that I may or may not have gone a little crazy over, we saw a little house last week we're both smitten on. We've put the application in and fingers crossed we'll hear back this week. Promise to cross yours too?

It's got a yard, a basement with a washer and dryer, and the sweetest little layout. It's not big, but the whole house will be ours! I can't tell you how grown up that makes me feel, how secure in knowing that our future is headed somewhere with a house in it. I have that same feeling I did last year, a feeling like we're on the cusp of so many wonderful things.

Of course my over active imagination is decorating, and redecorating each room in my mind I've got at least 50 things I want to buy, 20 I want to refurbish and loads I'm ready to kick to the curb in pursuit of something better. But hold on a minute, didn't I just say we don't even have the place yet?

I'm always getting ahead of myself on projects like these, when I should step back a minute and savor the little things first. Those tiny details that get overshadowed in all the excitement, like the ones I mentioned just two paragraphs before. I want to get caught up in the details and cherish them, not hurry the process along. Something I have to remind myself constantly.

You may ask what a fiddle fig has to do with all this? I was mulling over the subject of details in my living room and looked over at our little tree and thought how pretty it was. I got really close to the plant and noticed the marvelous veins on all the leaves. From afar they're pretty to look at but to see just how miraculous they truly are you have to get really really close. The details are what make them special, just like the details of life. - b.

fiddle fig leaf details.jpg
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