Surprise, I went to Las Vegas last week! I had a conference to attend for work and spent the evenings exploring sin city. Not really the city you usually think of exploring on your own, but I had a blast just taking everything in. There are no words for Vegas; it's so much bigger, grander, and unbelievably decadent than I ever imagined. My cab driver from the airport said that because everything is so oversized your perception of how far and big things are gets skewed. He was so right.

caesar palace forum shops.JPG

Each casino could be its own island, or city, or country really. Everything you could possibly need to forget the rest of the world can all be found in one place, and in case of an apocalypse Las Vegas is where I'm headed. I'll also be honest and say I spent most of my time on "the Strip" during daylight hours. It was more amazing for me to see everything in its full glory, without the neon halo.

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In true Bekuh fashion though, my absolute favorite casino had to be Paris. I mean they have a Eiffel Tower guys, how could I not fall in love? There's a little piece of my heart that will always seek something french in every place I go. Some places are just more obvious than others.

Even though I liked the sunlit streets a little better than the nightlife, it don't stop me from staying a little past dark to see the real Las Vegas come to life. Join me here tomorrow for Las Vegas in moonlight. - b.

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