flower collage in the making | via: @bekuhb

As we enter the final (hopefully) days of winter I've been spending my captivity on something very exciting, new artwork! I've somehow found myself with a gallery show in mid-May and I have lots to do. Too much to do.

I've always worked best under pressure, in my art school days I'd wait until 2-3 days before a huge project was due to get started. And it seems not much has changed. All of the initial painting has to be done by mid-April and I'm just now getting started. 5 weeks to complete 6-10 paintings. No big deal right? It could definitely be worse.

art in progress | via: bekuh b.

I’ve been inspired to go back to my artistic roots somewhat with this latest series, back to my multi-media roots that is. Each painting in the series is actually made up of a series of paintings that have then been disassembled (cut up) and then reassembled into something new. Collage has long been a part of my artistic repertoire, and my work in the last 2+ years has been sorely missing this piecemeal approach to composition. I so love getting elbow deep into creating again, but don’t worry I haven’t abandoned my floral pursuits. As you see above- its still all about flowers for me. - b.