desperately seeking and iphone 5c case + 6 stylish options

Last October, on my birthday to be exact, my iphone 4 fell out of my hands and shattered into a million pieces. As a social media coordinator this was pretty much the most devastating thing that could happen to me. To make matters worse I was in NYC for work and needed a phone stat. So the internal dilemma began. Do I pay the bazillion dollars for an iphone 5s or buy the shiny new iphone 5c which had a much more reasonable price tag? Of course I caved to monetary pressure and went with the 5c, but forgot to take one thing into consideration before buying. The case.

Unlike the 5s, the iphone 5c wont fit into the pretty cases you see all over the internet for the iphone 5 customer. The shape is different and as such you need a very specific case to fit the form. The style options up to this point have been pretty limited for us poor 5c owners who didn't buy the phone for its fun color options, but bought it out of budgetary necessity. I've spent nearly 6 months hunting for a non-utilitarian case and have at last found a few options I like. That's where you come in, I need your help picking the style.

There are 2 categories I'm stuck between textural neutrals and graphic prints.

tortoise shell, marble, and leopard print iphone 5c cases

What I like about all three of these cases is that despite their textural look and playful patterns they all feel neutral and polished. Since childhood tortoise shell has always symbolized the epitome of chic for me, and Garance Dore's painterly leopard print is just too cool, but the marble is also a classy option with flecks of gold through out. I don't feel like I'd get tired of any of these options, but then there's also...

floral and graphic iphone 5c cases

A part of me loves graphic pops of colors, and there's that soft spot I have for florals that I just can't seem to avoid either. The pinks in the botanical rose case from Rifle Paper Co. are super sweet and feminine, while the corals of the red floral case from Leah Reena Goren feel punchy and fun. Sunshine was a pet name my mom gave me as a kid so there's that too. These three 5c cases feel a little more of the moment and would probably need to be replaced in a year or two based on my changing tastes, but then again so will my phone.

Can you see why I'm having such a hard time choosing a favorite? Which one would you buy? - b.

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