we're vacation bound

puerto rico bounde | via: bekuh b.

I've been holding my breath for what feels like ages in anticipation of this announcement, and quite honestly I wasn't convinced it was really going to happen until I started writing this post. After almost 3 years, Ryan and I are headed out on a real vacation next week.

We're flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a week of sun, adventure, and a much needed break from normality. Travel is one of my great loves in life, and it's been too long since I last experienced a different culture from my own. I can hardly sleep I'm so excited! 

Neither of us like to plan out our vacations too much; we prefer to let the weather and our moods decide the day's activities. That being said, we do research our destinations before any trip and Puerto Rico is ripe with outdoor activities to be enjoyed. From rain forest hikes, to bioluminescent bays, to sea kayaking, there's no doubt our days will be full of beautiful views and adventurous memories to cherish.

Have any of you ever been to Puerto Rico? We'd love your recommendations! - b.