5 words I love (and should too) | image via: bekuh b.

A love of words is something I've been cultivating. I've gathered 5 of my (current) favorites to share with you in hopes that maybe you'll be inspired to share yours too!

striking \´strīkiNG\ attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent | image via: bekuh b.

1 | Striking- The mysterious older sister to beautiful; striking is more complex, confident, and sensual. It conjures up the exotic. It captures the imagination. If we could all be so lucky to be as remarkably perfect as this word.

disseminate \di-´se-mə-nāt\  to disperse throughout | image via: bekuh b.

2 | Disseminate- Not a word you frequently find in your early 20-somethings vocabulary, disseminate has quickly become one of my favorite career-girl words. It makes a presentation on the importance of distributing the latest manual on [fill in the blank] sound so much less dull. Not to mention how much more authoritative you sound.

pique \ pek \ to provoke; arouse (interest or curiosity) | image via: bekuh b.

3 | Pique- Like jekyll & hyde, pique has two distinctly different sides. A word for the curious, it arouses our imaginations and perks our ears in conversation. Conversely our irrational and emotional selves can just as easily be wounded by our own pride. 


4 | Acumen- Culturally we're all too quick to celebrate the surface, and superficial. Isn't it about time for us to work of developing greater depth of understanding and discernment, particularly in the areas/topics we're interested in? Think how much we could accomplish if we honed our skills to make quicker decisions and better judgements. 

cultivate \´kəl-tə-,vāt\ to improve, acquire or develop by labor, care, or study | image via: bekuh b.

5 | Cultivate- Such a rich and meaningful word. I hope that when I look back on my life I will be able to say that I never stopped improving, acquiring, and developing. A cultivated life is a happy life.

What are some of your favorite words? Give me a shout out on Pinterest or Instagram. - b.