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Slides 1-9 |  BHLDN Weddings + Personal | Art Direction, Styling & Photography: Bekuh Browning | Shoot Assistant: Clare McElroy

Slide 10 | BHLDN Weddings - Blog Content | Art Direction, Styling & Photography: Bekuh Browning | Floral Design: Amanda Burgan for Laughing Lady Flower Farm 


I prefer the wild, unruly blooms of a field or forest floor. The results are naive creations that harken the days of my youth rather than the many schools of thought on floral design.


Slides 1-3 | BHLDN Weddings - Digital Marketing Campaign | Art Direction: Bekuh Browning | Photography: Colin Leaman | Styling: Caroline Dilsheimer | Talent: Danielle Kroll | Hair & Makeup: Aleksandra Ambrozy | Shoot Assistant: Clare McElroy 

Slides 4-6 | BHLDN Weddings - Digital Marketing Campaign | Art Direction: Bekuh Browning | Photography: Chris Gabello of Standard Productions Co. | Styling: Anne White | Talent: Kelly Framel of the Glamourai & Zachary Lynd |  Hair & Makeup: Gloss & Glam | Shoot Assistant: Danielle Cloutier

Slides 7-9 | BHLDN Weddings - Blog Content + Digital Marketing Assets | Art Direction: Bekuh Browning | Photographer: Magdalena Kernan | Styling: Anne White | Hair & Makeup: Jackie for Aleksandra Ambrozy | Talent: Kristen Coffey | Shoot Assistant: Clare McElroy


Inspired by everyday objects and the transformative power that memory has on them, my paintings shed light on the intrinsic beauty of mundanity. Each painting is created using a mixed media technique- produced through layering china marker, gouache, and acrylic paint. The finished compositions are characterized by strong black outlines, dramatic color, and a loose interpretation of space.