One Small Thing: Natural Air Freshener

As a dog owner, I'm a big fan of air fresheners. Puppies have a special smell all their own, and I kind of hate it most of the time. As such I've been a big supporter of spray air fresheners for some time. With my goal of being more sustainable, and natural I felt like it was time to find some alternatives to the chemical ridden stuff. Enter Pinterest, the endless sea of knowledge. I found this post on creating a simple, natural air freshener, and decided why not try it? So today I have more own version to share, and my review of this tutorial.

+ The ingredients are simple enough, you need: a small glass jar, essential oils (I used lavender & eucalyptus/lemon), baking soda, cheese cloth, and ribbon.
+ First, measure out about 1/4 cup baking soda and pour into glass jar.
+ Next, pour 8-12 drops of essential oils on the baking soda.
+ Using a fork combine the mixture. It will clump, so try to break those pieces up as much as possible.
+ Cut a piece of cheese cloth big enough to cover glass jar, and tie ribbon around it.
+ Every couple of days remove the lid and break up the baking soda, so it can capture more smells.

I've been using mine for two weeks now, and the essential oils are still smelling great! I would like to note that this hasn't really "scented" the room, but more deodorized it. I'll take deodorized over stinky though. It's just one small thing I can do to reduce my harsh chemical use. big kiss, bekuh
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