Well we're back! We had the most amazing vacation away and I'm pretty sure I'm mentally still on it. We spent three amazing days in Chicago and every time I visit I fall more in love with that windy city. We of course partook in all sorts of touristy things, but thanks to our AirBnB hook up we stayed in a trendy Wicker Park apartment and felt more like true Chicagoans and less like the lost visitors we actually were. We arrived Sunday afternoon and immediately hit the streets, orienting ourselves and checking out the neighborhood we'd be calling home until Wednesday. We ate delicious tacos, looked at maps, and plotted the next day of sightseeing. 

We started the morning extra early with a delicious breakfast at Milk & Honey Cafe just soaking in the warm sun and drinking too much coffee. We then made our way north to the Gold Coast to visit the BHLDN Chicago store and meet some of the fabulous women I work with on the daily in person. It was amazing getting to see one of the big stores up close and personal. If you're ever in the area the Chicago store is worth just looking around in even if you're not looking to buy. It is stunning. 

After visiting the store we made our way down to Navy Pier. I promised one of the girl's in the office we'd try the Chicago style Garrett's Popcorn (carmel & cheddar mixd) so we picked up a bag and watched the seagulls over Lake Michigan while we munched away. The pier was nearly empty because of the lateness in the season but it didn't stop us from having a good time. I'm a sucker for carnival ride pics.

We continued down along the shoreline finally making our way into downtown and Millennium Park. I'm saving the "bean" pictures until tomorrow because we took a lot, but needless to say it was fun. We talked, rested our poor feet by a man made creek through the park, and through pennies in to make a wish. All before dinner time. We finished the day with a scrumptious meal at the Girl and the Goat and a cozy evening walk "home."

I have at least two more Chicago posts and then on to the wedding in Northern Indiana! A bus week of posting is ahead of me. - b.