Out of the handful of times I've been to Chicago, I've never taken the time to visit Millennium Park and the bean. Not sure if that's what it's technically called but it sure does look like a giant metallic bean. With this latest visit it was on the top of my list of sights to see, and happily Ryan was into too. What I could have never anticipated was just how much fun this thing is! 

There's something magnetic about watching your body morph into clown shaped blobs, and humorous about sharing your reflection with a sea of strangers. We played outside the bean, inside the bean, beside the bean, and on top of the bean. Okay not on top of the bean but I wish we could have. We instantly became 10 year olds again and I'd go back tomorrow if I could.

The inside of the bean is an artistic masterpiece and I loved watching people blur in and out of form and transforming into a whirling tornado of humanity. We all blended together and left individuals. This may have been the highlight of Chicago for me, but it was only the end of day one. Tomorrow there's more. - b.