Our last full day in Chicago took us back to early 20th century Chicago. We rode out to Oak Park to explore the grounds of Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, explore the architecture of the neighborhood, and stalk the old stomping grounds of Ernest Hemingway. Being that the era these men lived in is a personal favorite of mine, I was over the moon to be so close to homes they once lived in. A connection I won't soon forget.

Stepping forward in time a couple of decades we went out to lunch at a Chicago hotdog stand. Ryan's one request before hitting the road was consuming tube shaped food like a true Chicagoan and I couldn't resist his adorableness. We landed on Superdawg as our hotdog pit stop and as Ryan will tell you it was "the best." I stuck with a chocolate malt milkshake and onion rings, but you know.

After heading back into Chicago proper, we rested a bit before getting all dressed up for our Anniversary dinner. Ryan likes to surprise me with fancy food every year, and I'm all too happy to let him. This year we ate at a Michelin Starred Restaurant called Takashi, a first for both of us. The food was incredible! I didn't snap any pictures this year because I really wanted to have that special time with Ryan without the hubbub of the camera. It was worth the sacrifice. 

The next morning we hurriedly packed our things to skip town for M&M's wedding. Before making our way south to Indiana though we had one last stop to make. Calumet Fisheries is a local institution, legendary food spot, and the location of some of the most delicious smoked seafood you'll ever eat in your life. Their specialty is smoked shrimp and rightfully so. Just go there, that is all. - b.