Growing up Halloween was always the highlight of fall for me. Not so much because I got a pillowcase full of sweet treats, but because it was the only chance I had to really embrace my theatrical side and pretend to be someone else for a whole day. Each year I'd immerse myself in whatever character I was to play and learn as much as I could about the way they talked, moved, and even what they ate. I must have watched the live action Popeye a dozen times the year I was Olive Oyl for Halloween (bottom image above). I went around saying "Oh, Popeye," for weeks, much to the chagrin of my younger brother who had to be my Popeye that year.

Through the years I've been characters like Rainbow Bright, Maid Marian, the Little Mermaid, Morticia Addams, and so many others. This year I was Nancy Drew, and next year who knows? It's still fun putting on someone else's hat for a few hours, like an escape from your own reality. Some things never change. - b.

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