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a grateful heart | image via: bekuh b.

Today we practice gratitude- The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It is a practice we do too rarely, something that should not be relegated to only one day each year. I do not disclude myself from this, instead I stand before you proclaiming I have been ungrateful. I have forgotten to show appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude, love, and affection.

On this Thanksgiving Day I will make amends and work to show my loved ones a small portion of the gratitude I feel towards them. Among the limitless list of other things I am thankful for: My freedom, and that I live in a world with an overwhelming capacity to love. Giving thanks is an award in and of itself.

With a grateful heart I say to you, Happy Thanksgiving. - b.

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In shades of majestic purple and punchy citrus- This bouquet is a slightly unexpected entry for the "What you should do for your Thanksgiving centerpiece" competition. Though we often think of citrus in the summer, it's actually easier and cheaper (in the states) to find in the winter months, making it a fitting addition to any late fall-winter arrangement. The reason this color combination works is that the yellow-orange colors act as the complimentary color to the purple tulips and roses. Is your mind blown yet?

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I came up with this color combination standing in the Whole Foods grocery aisle, referencing the Color Schemer app. It's my new favorite tool when deciding what colors will work well together in my floral designs. You can also use it for things like decorating your room or planning your wedding color palette. I'm not being paid to say this, I just really like it. Go color palette the world!

Though I'll be in Virginia for Thanksgiving this year, I think I may have to travel down with floral shears and flower frogs just to recreate this centerpiece for my mother-in-law's table. Enough gushing over how beautiful nature is. What do you think? - b.

PS- You can find the ingredients/anatomy of this bouquet here.


The days have become short, the nights long, and with it I've become more theatrical. For my second installment of an Anatomy of A Bouquet I've decided to play with color, texture, and shape. Here's the breakdown:

1 | Amaranth- A popular fall filler flower, amaranth has over 60 subspecies each in a different shade of red. I loved the red burgundy color of the variety I found at my local Trader Joe's.

2 | Tulips- I've expounded on my love of this flowers in spring, but in the autumn they reemerge as the temperatures dip and the ground grows cool again.

3 | Satsuma Mandarin- One of the sweetest varieties of citrus, these adorably plump fruits add a bit of textural interest and a pop of delicious color to an arrangement.

4 | Broomcorn- To add an abundance of texture and drama to your centerpiece look no further than broomcorn. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, I chose the almost black, cascading option this time around.

5 | Heritage Roses- Neither heirloom nor long-stemmed, heritage roses live somewhere between the wilderness and grocery aisle. Their sweet aroma lingers in the air, and generously sized heads make them an eye-catching addition to a bouquet.

6 | Sorghum Grass- A hearty, wheat-like filler flower that stands tall and instantly makes any arrangement feel like October. I had a devil of a time figuring out what exactly this flower was, but now that I know I'll never forget. 

7 | Double Gerbera Daisy- I have to admit that I'm not traditionally a fan of the Gerbera Daisy. Their over popularity has relegated them to the ranks of Carnations in my mind, but when I saw these rather delicate pink & green blooms at the store I couldn't pass them up. They became a bit of a showstopper in this arrangement.

Come back tomorrow to see how the bouquet came together- it might just inspire your holiday centerpiece! - b.