The days have become short, the nights long, and with it I've become more theatrical. For my second installment of an Anatomy of A Bouquet I've decided to play with color, texture, and shape. Here's the breakdown:

1 | Amaranth- A popular fall filler flower, amaranth has over 60 subspecies each in a different shade of red. I loved the red burgundy color of the variety I found at my local Trader Joe's.

2 | Tulips- I've expounded on my love of this flowers in spring, but in the autumn they reemerge as the temperatures dip and the ground grows cool again.

3 | Satsuma Mandarin- One of the sweetest varieties of citrus, these adorably plump fruits add a bit of textural interest and a pop of delicious color to an arrangement.

4 | Broomcorn- To add an abundance of texture and drama to your centerpiece look no further than broomcorn. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, I chose the almost black, cascading option this time around.

5 | Heritage Roses- Neither heirloom nor long-stemmed, heritage roses live somewhere between the wilderness and grocery aisle. Their sweet aroma lingers in the air, and generously sized heads make them an eye-catching addition to a bouquet.

6 | Sorghum Grass- A hearty, wheat-like filler flower that stands tall and instantly makes any arrangement feel like October. I had a devil of a time figuring out what exactly this flower was, but now that I know I'll never forget. 

7 | Double Gerbera Daisy- I have to admit that I'm not traditionally a fan of the Gerbera Daisy. Their over popularity has relegated them to the ranks of Carnations in my mind, but when I saw these rather delicate pink & green blooms at the store I couldn't pass them up. They became a bit of a showstopper in this arrangement.

Come back tomorrow to see how the bouquet came together- it might just inspire your holiday centerpiece! - b.