In shades of majestic purple and punchy citrus- This bouquet is a slightly unexpected entry for the "What you should do for your Thanksgiving centerpiece" competition. Though we often think of citrus in the summer, it's actually easier and cheaper (in the states) to find in the winter months, making it a fitting addition to any late fall-winter arrangement. The reason this color combination works is that the yellow-orange colors act as the complimentary color to the purple tulips and roses. Is your mind blown yet?

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I came up with this color combination standing in the Whole Foods grocery aisle, referencing the Color Schemer app. It's my new favorite tool when deciding what colors will work well together in my floral designs. You can also use it for things like decorating your room or planning your wedding color palette. I'm not being paid to say this, I just really like it. Go color palette the world!

Though I'll be in Virginia for Thanksgiving this year, I think I may have to travel down with floral shears and flower frogs just to recreate this centerpiece for my mother-in-law's table. Enough gushing over how beautiful nature is. What do you think? - b.

PS- You can find the ingredients/anatomy of this bouquet here.