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It's New Years Eve and once again I proclaim my holiday wishes to you a day early. You see I'll be far too busy tomorrow making perogies and sauerkraut for a little New Years Day fest. Tonight I plan to drink champagne in my pajamas and wake up just in time to watch the ball drop. It's becoming a bit of a tradition in our house. 2016 is only a few hours away. Happy New Year! - b.  

merry christmas | image vi: bekuh b.

My holiday wishes come to you just a tad early this year. Instead of frantically surfing the internet tomorrow morning take a minute to kiss your someone under the mistletoe, or tell your grandparents you love them, or meditate on what this holly-jolly means. It's Christmas after all.

As for me, I'm spending the holiday in Ohio this year. For the first time in 4 years the whole family will be together and I'm going to selfishly savor this time with all of my being. There will be too much of a lot of things, but love is not among them. Love is something we can always share/give more of. Merry Christmas! - b.

into the woods | photo by Mathijs Delva | image via: bekuh b.
winter berries & branches | image via: bekuh b.
winter rooftops | image via: bekuh b.
kind words cost nothing | image via: bekuh b.
winter streetstyle | image via: bekuh b.
blackberry bramble cocktail from UO blog | image via: bekuh b.
winter floral wreath by kelly brown | image via: bekuh b.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Between all the family time I'm daydreaming of a perfectly rustic getaway filled with evergreens, cranberry cocktails, and luxurious ensembles. A girl can dream.

Some images are kindred spirits, they relate and respond to one another in a way similar to how body language communicates between two people. It’s chemical, mineral, visual. It’s couplings. - b.

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