spring checklist

This spring I have a pretty long list of things I'd like to accomplish, most of them requiring me to get outside. A winter spent cooped up in a studio apartment is like a death warrant for your health and my body is screaming for a hefty dose of vitamin D. Lucky for me, our new place affords us the leg room to do just that.

At the top of my spring checklist is to prep the backyard for our summer vegetable garden. Before I can do this however, we need to cart our giant pile of moving boxes to the curb for recycling, and get rid of the garbage left behind by the previous tenant. Luckily this all requires me to be outdoors, in our fenced in backyard, where Nellie can also play. Meaning I'm killing two birds with one stone. Yeeesssss. 

Other goals include hosting a little party with some of our closest Philly friends, finish painting/decorating our living room, smaller diy projects like our welcome mat, and just enjoying this special time in a new place. You have to balance your big adult challenges with smaller fun ones or you'll go crazy. Trust me.

I feel so alive and ready to take on new challenges. Are you? -b.

Bekuh Browning