spring celebration party

I love Terrain, those of you who followed my old blog know this. It combines my love of nature, home wares, cooking, and eating all under one roof! To top it all off they also regularly host events and classes on all of the above topics; I swear they invented this place just for me. 

Their flagship store is about 40 minutes outside Philadelphia, and I try to make it out there at least once a season (with regular online fixes in between). My most recent visit was for their Spring Celebration this past weekend. It was by far the prettiest celebration I've been to in ages.

terrain signs of spring celebration

The minute you walked through the door you were met with the sweet smell of flowers, and everything from the drinks, to the spring fresh fare they served carried the aroma. The main attraction was of course the flower buffet , where each guest was given the chance to pick out their favorite blooms for a hand tailored bouquet to take home with them.

There were tulips, poppies, ranunculus, larkspur, daffodils, pussy willow, and countless other flowers I don't even know the name of. For a brief moment I was living my secret garden daydreams and I didn't want to wake up.

terrain signs of spring
terrain signs of spring celebration
terrain signs of spring celebration

After you tried your hand at playing florist, your next stop was the bouquet wrapping station hosted by Forage Haberdashery. Seriously the most delightful people ever! They gussied up your bouquet into something really beautiful with cloth ribbon and a brass tag hand-stamped with your name on it. I plan on stealing the brass "bekuh" tag off my tiny bouquet of poppies and tulips for an easy diy necklace!

See what I mean? Terrain is just perfect. - b.