chatham st. color palette | via: bekuh b.

Our house was built in the 1920s and I spent hours researching color palettes and trends at the time to start deciding on our own paint scheme. After much deliberation the above is an outline of my plans for the space.

Downstairs will be a little more bold and dramatic, with a cozy rich feel. While upstairs will feature similar colors in softer hues to evoke a calmer, subdued mood. The one exception being the bathroom which will be a graphic black and white scheme. Overall it should feel fairly neutral with pops of color found in the accents in each room. I've hinted at those in the Living Room and Guest Room with orangey reds, corals, and mustard tones.

I've been using Farrow & Ball to build the color palette from, but must admit that I will probably reserve their paints for furniture and accent pieces. Due to cost I favor Benjamin Moore for the walls and ceilings. Benjamin Moore offers high quality coverage and their colors are rich and fine. - b.