earth day | via bekuh b.

Happy Earth Day friends! I learned a really random, cool fact about Earth Day on my way into work today. Apparently, the first celebration was held in Philadelphia in 1970. Like most of you, I'm a big fan of Mother Earth and think it's incredibly important for us to recycle, conserve, and respect the planet we all call home. I think we can all make a difference with a lot of hard work and determination. Earth Day is the perfect reminder to take a step back and assess the way you're living your life, pin-pointing the areas where you can improve and determine the best next steps to do so.

Some of the ways I plan to help out this year:

  • Plant an organic food garden for our summer salads
  • Recycle more
  • Drive less and walk/bike more
  • Pick up litter I see in the streets (Philly has a serious problem with it)
  • Buy less packaged goods from the grocery store
  • Cut back on my electricity and water usage where possible

How do you plan to help our planet in the coming year? - b.