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white tulips in a pitcher


This week was about keeping things on the sunny side. Whether it was wearing my favorite pair of pants, treating myself to a doughnut (with sprinkles), or buying a crazy bouquet of white tulips- everything I did was for an emotional boost. It's much easier to deal with giant piles of snow when you treat yo' self.

This week also marks the start of our move. We have a storage unit calling our name, and I've been packing all week. Our new lease doesn't begin until 3/1 but we have to be out of our current place on 2/28 so there's 24 hours of homelessness to look forward too. Don't worry we already have a place to sleep for the night.



I think I've decided to grow my hair out again, I was looking through old photos of myself and almost teared up at all the fun ways I was able to style it. So, of course that means I'm pinning a ton of braids now.

I'm a big fan of "comfy" food in the winter (aren't we all) and so these loaded sweet potatoes are calling my name.

I'm loving the cobalt blue wash on these linen pillows, but the price tag makes me think a DIY would be a better option.

I've had the same desktop background on my laptop for almost 6 years but now I'm thinking it's time for a change. What do you think?


Speaking of the sunny side, here are a few citrusy hued items inspiring me right now: