Life right now is wild. A 24-7 work schedule, a house in chaos, and a holiday looming on the horizon is only the beginning. As summer winds down my fall calendar fills to the brim and things suddenly get foggy. That's where I am right now, overwhelmed by the mounting to-dos, but thankful for a reprieve in the summer heat. The nights are cooler now and that's where I take my solace. 

wild flora 1.jpg

This bouquet is an outward expression of my current state of mind. A little unkept, a little dark, but with light around its edges. I created it for my friend Maddie's most recent workshop and stole it away for a couple of minutes to shoot these images. Again this is symbolic of life right now. Every day I try to carve out a couple of minutes to do something for me, if only to keep my sanity it tact. This blog post is one of those things for me.

As I write this I'm watching a new-to-me television show I'm completely obsessed with, The Newsroom. We marathoned season one a couple weeks back and I finally convinced Ryan to watch season two with me. I like it because it reminds me there are bigger issues in the world worth my attention. The trivial issues of my day-to-day life pale in comparison. I'm starting to look at the world with a new perspective. Wouldn't it be nice if all TV lead to bettering our lives. Here's to dreaming.


  1. Dahlias
  2. Celosia (2 types)
  3. Wax Flower
  4. Statice
  5. Spray Roses
  6. Lysimachia Ciliata Purpurea
  7. Wisteria

Ryan's fortune cookie this evening is my new mantra for this season of my life- "There is are no shortcuts to any place worth going." I may just keep this mantra for always. - b.