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happy new year 2014

Congratulations on making it through another year, and welcome to a new one. Let me join the chorus of people saying to you today, Happy New Year!  Every year we say it, but it doesn't make it less true, the last year has flown by in a flash!

2013 was a year of big changes for me and my family, and all the things we hoped for (and planned for) came to fruition. We moved far away from our families, and into a shoebox sized apartment in Philadelphia. I started a new job I love, with an actual career path. We took our first vacation in two years, and we still managed to save a little bit of money! To say we took a giant leap forward in the last year would be a major understatement. Something I'm immensely grateful for! 

So, what does 2014 look like for us Brownings? What are our plans and resolutions? I'd say it's to make less changes. This year I hope we find a little corner of Philly to really make our own. To settle down a little, and enjoy life a lot more. With all the changes of the last year we could use a little normalcy and a little less upheaval. First on the list is finding a slightly less shoebox-y place to live and then invite everyone we know to a little housewarming party. 

What are some of your plans and resolutions for 2014? Regardless, let's resolve to make it the best one yet! - b.