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glen onoko falls, jim thorpe pennsylvania | image via: bekuh b.

Every once in awhile, but increasingly so lately, Ryan and I like to escape the concrete jungle with our pup and head into the woods. This past weekend we decided to revisit a favorite Pennsylvania trail, Glen Onoko Falls. Located near the almost-too-perfect town of Jim Thorpe, it's a great day trip outside Philadelphia. It takes about 2.5 hours to get there (toll-free), but the picturesque mountain views and tree-lined roads make the trek 100% worth it. Here's photo proof:

glen onoko falls, pennsylvania | image via: bekuh b.
ryan browning at glen onoko falls | image via: bekuh b.
ryan browning at glen onoko falls | image via: bekuh b.
woods of glen once falls | image via: bekuh b.

The Glen Onoko Run Trail is a pretty strenuous hike up to the top, but the 10+ cascades are the perfect excuse to stop and take in the view, or splash around in the icy water a bit. There seems to be several different trail options, something we experienced first hand this time around. We couldn't figure out how to get down the mountain, and ended up going down the way we came up! Not necessarily the best hike for the novice hiker, or for older dogs, it is a great workout and beautiful way to spend a late summer day. Afterwards I recommend heading into Jim Thorpe and finding something to eat- you'll be desperate for a snack. - b.

our girl | nellie belly

Nellie is our puppy child. She'll be three in July, but something about her tells me she'll always have a little bit of puppy left in her. Maybe it's the sweet glimmer in her eye. Or the way she cocks her head at you when you say her name.  Her insatiable need for lovings. Her smile.

More likely it's her stubborn unwillingness to let go of bad habits no matter how hard we try to break them. Her need to destroy every stuffed toy she encounters. Her distrust of helmets. Her boundless energy. Etc, etc.

I choose to focus on the good however; especially when she's moody and others only see the bad. Our recent move was particularly hard on her, and I've never felt so ferociously protective and so unconditionally in love with this wild thing. I'm so glad she'll always be our baby. She's our girl. Nellie belly. - b.

lifeBekuh Browningnellie

Winter has come to Philadelphia, I know because it's snowed (twice!). The most glorious, thick, ground covering snow I ever did see. I'm now ready for all the holiday delights that come with snow. The candy canes, the hot chocolate, the present wrapping, the tingling fingers from frost. Snow walking is pretty much my favorite winter activity ever so of course Ryan, Nellie, and I had to immediately bundle up and enjoy the crisp whiteness.

Last February, when we moved, Philly had pretty much seen all the snow there was for the winter so we missed out on the magic of city snowfalls. Everything looks suddenly new under a blanket of snow and the city lights shine brighter somehow. We walked until the sun grew too low to see clearly.

Nellie is her absolute best in the snow. She's so sweet and playful, and once inside the cuddliest dog there ever was. After wrapping her up in a towel, she joined us on the couch to watch a Christmas movie and fall fast asleep in our arms. A wonderful end to a magical wintery day. - b.

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